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Alumnae Officers

Kianu Alumnae after the Homecoming 2008 Meeting

Board of Trustees:

Board Member (3 positions): vacant

Advisor to the Actives and Board Member:
Continuing appointment

Kristen Lichtenauer Burns '10
kburns (at)

Officers of the Corporation:

Lauren Dupuis '03
First term: 2016-2019
d.lauren1707 (at)

Devon AllenTreasurer:
Devon Allen '03
4th term: 2016-2019
devonkianu (at)

I served as treasurer and president while I was at Muskingum and enjoyed being able to contribute to the club. Kianu has provided me with many wonderful friendships and it is great to continue to work with alumni from all different walks of life. I work in the financial services industry which makes the treasurer role a good fit for me.

Cari Youngen Edwards '03
First term: 2016-2019
sunshinecari1217 (at)

Vice President/ President-Elect:
Michelle Starrett '11
First term: 2016-2019
michelle.starrett89 (at)

Kianu helped me grow as a person and become more outgoing than I’d ever imagined. Outside of Kianu, I was involved in Cheerleading, worked for the Public Relations Office as a student assistant and was a member of the Business Club. My junior year in the club was my busiest; I served as Social Chair and represented the club as Treasurer on Greek Council. My senior year I was Historian and created the scrapbook, which was a great feeling knowing that the future girls of Kianu will look back at our old scrapbooks. I am very happy to be involved with the Alumni officers because it is my way of giving back to the club.

Jennifer PilchakFundraising Chairwoman:
Jennifer Amodeo Pilchak '03
Continuing appointment
jla713 (at)

I was extremely honored to receive a unanimous vote to be the new alumnae fundraiser chairwoman for Chi Alpha Nu! During my time at Muskingum I held a few cabinet positions and it is great to be able to give similar support as an alumna. With commitment and creativity, I hope to provide to the future of our amazing club. Kianu continues to teach me immeasurable lessons, bless me with beautiful friendships and leave me with unforgettable memories.

Ruth ConnellWeb Designer:
Ruth Connell Seaman '98
Continuing appointment
ruthcseaman (at)

Originally I became the Chi Alpha Nu webperson because there was a need for someone to fill the position and I enjoy web design, so it seemed a natural fit. The position has grown to mean much more than that to me. I regularly have contact with Kianus from age 18 to 80 because of the website. I love meeting Kianus from all generations: hearing their stories and seeing their pictures. I met several of my best friends through XAN, and I'm pleased to be able to give a little back to the club that has given me so much.

Please contact any officer with questions or suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

Last update: April 2016