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Amy Harris Yamokoski (November 2005)
Kianu Alumna- Class of 1999


Ruth and AmyRuth and Amy
I would like to take this opportunity to recognize my good friend Amy Harris Yamokoski. Amy is an amazing woman, and I am very proud to call her a friend. After graduating from MC in 1999, she moved onto Ohio University in Athens where she earned a masters degree in sociology. After that, she moved to Denver (Colorado) for several years until she returned to Ohio in 2003. During the same time period, I’ve lived in Illinois and Indiana. She has made several trips out to visit me, and we have made a point to get together for a couple vacations in California and Colorado. She is very intelligent, loyal, energetic and a great friend to many. Whenever you see Amy, she is surrounded by friends. This is because she is very charismatic and personable, so people are attracted to her. One of the things I appreciate about Amy is her strength. She is always herself, and always truthful. When I need advice, she is always at the top of the list of people I go to. Sometimes it can be hard to hear what she has to say, but I never have to worry about her beating around the bush or feeding me a line of crap. Another thing that makes Amy a great friend is that she has a goofy sense of humor and can make me laugh for hours.

In addition to being a wonderful friend, Amy is also a great Kianu. She was very active in the club as a college student, and held several offices. Now she serves as the Alumnae Outreach Area Coordinator for northeast Ohio. For her full-time job, Amy works with kids who have leukemia, and is often there when parents are given the news that their child has cancer, and works with them to support them and educate them about their options. She is also married to Jim and a great mother to her son Camden. Her 29th birthday is this month, so this is a perfect month to honor her. Happy birthday Amy!

Love in XAN and mine,
Ruth Connell '98

If you would like to nominate someone for this honor (active or alumna), please e-mail ruthsaraconnell(at)gmail(dot)com with your selection. Changes are made as nominations are received.

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