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Jennifer Schultice '97 Bronner (October 2006)
Kianu alumna, Advisor to the Actives, and XAN Alumnae Board Member


I would like to nominate Jennifer Schultice '97 Bronner for the September Girl with the Arrow.

Girls' Weekend: front row: Amber Sherman Valentine, Kelli Coleman DelGuzzo, Dori Miller Hartzler
back row: Sara Barabash, Jen Schultice Bronner

Okay, so most of you are probably thinking "Geez, how many times can someone nominate Jen." Well, if you ask me I would say an infinite amount. Jen's dedication to Kianu is humbling. From the day that she stepped on campus in 1993, Jen was destined to be a Kianu. She was a very active member of the club, serving in several leadership positions and was a wonderful role model for all students on campus. She was a Kianu that anyone could be proud of and everyone was. Flash forward to 9 years after her graduation from Muskingum. Jen is now the Director of Alumni for Muskingum, Kianu Actives Advisor, dedicated wife, and mother of beautiful twins. She is involved with her church and with the community. Jen has had many opportunities and reasons to walk away from advising the actives, but she has remained strong and dedicated. No matter the adversity that she faces, she is always level-headed and committed to a positive outcome. Jen's vision for Kianu and for Muskingum is bright.

Jen, Kelli, and their families

Jen is also a wonderful friend. Because of Jen, our core group of friends has remained tight. She started the annual "girls’ weekend" that we still celebrate today. She is the glue that holds us all together. Personally I owe Jen so much......much more than words could explain. She has taught me humility, self-respect, and unconditional love, just to name a few. I will be forever grateful for the day that I met her in August of 1993, when I said "Welcome to Muskingum. Can I help you with your bag." That was the day that my life was changed for the better.

Jen is still a Kianu that we should all be proud of......and I know that I am.

Kelli Coleman '96 DelGuzzo

If you would like to nominate someone for this honor (active or alumna), please e-mail ruthsaraconnell(at)gmail(dot)com with your selection. Changes are made as nominations are received.

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