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Girl with the Arrow

Jessica McClure (September 2002)
Kianu Active- Class of 2004


I would like to nominate Jessica McClure for "Girl with the Arrow". She is very deserving of this award. Jessica's attitude and personality defines Kianu. Within the club, McClure has already shown many strong leadership qualities. She is very dedicated to Kianu. She has been a Greek Council Rep. and now is the Service Chair. Jessica has created a Bible Study within the club that has helped many actives and pledges through life's ups and downs. She also spent one of the sessions talking about First Corinthians, Chapter 13, the verse our club was founded on. McClure also led an amazing pledging activity last spring that brought the pledges together tremendously. They grew together that night, not only as a pledge class, but as friends.

Jessica is an inspiration to all that meet her. She has a heart of gold that never stops caring about her sisters and the rest of the world. Recently, Jessica traveled to Africa to brighten the lives of less fortunate children. I am positive she gave them something to smile about. While Jessica was in Africa, she took a part of Kianu with her.... the special ring that has connected so many of us together. I am sure she wore it proudly around her neck each day. I am honored that she is the one carrying on our tradition to the rest of the world.

Jessica is definitely a special young lady that everyone should get the chance to meet. She is that one person you may only meet once in a lifetime but Jessica will have an impact on you forever. Jessica is a perfect example of Kianu. I am so proud to call her my sister and good friend!!

Love in XAN and Mine,
Jodi Kusmer '02

If you would like to nominate someone for this honor (active or alumna), please e-mail ruthsaraconnell(at)gmail(dot)com with your selection. Changes are made as nominations are received.

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